The Spirituality of the 3rd Chapter of Life

You may have participated in physical, intellecual and social programs in community centers and other secular settings which are valuable and worth-while.  Spirit in the Desert adds the deeper Spiritual and Vocational perspectives.  How is God and God's calling to you involved in your life and how can that add more significance to acheiving well-being?

On this website you will find links to:

  • retreats and programs

  • resources for individuals and congregations

  • opportunities for interaction with others through the BLOG

  • and digital and audio resources that are currently under development

St. Augustine is quoted as saying that asking the question, “what do I want to remembered for” is the beginning of adulthood.  Joan Chittister says it nicely, “It all comes down to whether we see our existence now (3rd Chapter of Life) as having meaning for others as well as for ourselves, or simply as a kind of enforced pause …”

People who turn 60 years old without a life threatening disease can expect to live another 30 years. 

Bob Buford states the rhythm of life simply, “If the first half was a quest for success, the second half is a journey to significance.” 

This is an organic website that will grow and become richer because of your input through the Blog, Social Media, and email. The retreats and programs that we offer will be the same, but less digital. Spirit in the Desert’s goal is to provide valuable opportunities and your input is crucial. Also look at being in partnership with Spirit in the Desert because we're planning on providing resources in congregations in Arizona and throughout North America.